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Sandur at the South of Iceland
Sandur at the South of Iceland Skeiðarársandur, the largest sandur in the world, covers a 1000-sq-km area and was formed by the mighty Skeiðarárjökull. Since the Settlement Era, Skeiðarársandur has swallowed a considerable amount of farmland and it continues to grow. The area was relatively well populated (for Iceland, anyway), but in 1362 the volcano beneath Öræfajökull (then known as Knappafellsjökull) erupted and the subsequent jökulhlaup (flooding caused by volcanic eruption beneath ice) laid waste the entire district. After the 1362 eruption the district became known as Öræfi (Wasteland). Travel Iceland with professionals: © 2015 Photos available at
Mt. Þumall
Mt. Þumall Mt. Þumall in Vatnajökull Glacier, Highlands of Icceland