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Lava bubbles covered with moss
Lava bubbles covered with moss To see the landscape from above is a whole new experience. You see ordinary things in a different way. This is a simple lave field cowered with moss. This shot is from the south coast near Eldvötn.
Patterns in the Lava field of Tjarnarhraun Highlands of Iceland
Patterns in the Lava field of Tjarnarhraun Highlands of Iceland Patterns in Tjarnarhraun Lava field and Skaftá river near Eldgjá at Landmannalaugar area
Highlands of Landmannalaugar
Highlands of Landmannalaugar Landmannalaugar is a place in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the Highlands of Iceland. It is at the edge of Laugahraun lava field, which was formed in an eruption around the year 1477. It is known for its natural geothermal hot springs and surrounding landscape.
Tjarnarhnúkur crader
Tjarnarhnúkur crader Tjarnarhnúkur in the highlands of Hellisheiði
Driving down Torfajökull Glacier
Driving down Torfajökull Glacier Torfajökull (Icelandic for "Torfi's glacier") is a rhyolitic stratovolcano and complex of subglacial volcanoes, located north of Mýrdalsjökull and south of Þórisvatn Lake, Iceland. Torfajökull last erupted in 1477 and consists of the largest area of silicic extrusive rocks in Iceland. The volcano's eruption around 870 has left a thin layer of tephra all over Iceland. This layer makes possible to determine the exact dates of many archeological finds, like in the Reykjavík 871±2 museum.
Tungnaá river
Tungnaá river The Tungnaá is a river in the southern Highlands of Iceland. It flows from the western edge of Vatnajökull to the reservoir Sultartangalón, where it joins the Þjórsá.The river has been used extensively for hydroelectricity, with power stations at Vatnsfell, Sigalda, Hrauneyjafoss,and Sultartangi
Tindfjallajökull Glacier
Tindfjallajökull Glacier Tindfjallajökull Glacier
Muddy river in the sand
Muddy river in the sand Tungná river in the Highlands of Iceland
Driving at Tungnaárbotnar
Driving at Tungnaárbotnar Driving at Tungnaárbotnar at the edge of Vatnajökull Glacier. Highland of Iceland
Volcanic eruption
Volcanic eruption Urðarháls, (1,025 m) a glaciated, dolerite volcano, its crater about 1,100 m long, 800 m wide and 100 m at its deepest. - Trölladyngja is the biggest of the Icelandic shield volcanoes, reaching a height of 1,468 metres (4,816 ft) above sea level, and rising almost 600 metres above the surrounding desert and lava fields. - Holuhraun is the site of an volcanic eruption which began on 31 August 2014 and ended 28 February 2015. It produced a lava field of more than 85 km2 (33 sq mi) and 1.4 km3 (0.34 cu mi) – the largest in Iceland since 1783