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"It's all about LOVING IT"


It's all about LOVING ITRafn Sig,- is a well-known freelance photographer (musician and a painter) in Iceland
and has dedicated himself photographing Icelandic Landscape and Nature for
others to enjoy since he was a young boy.

Rafn Sig,- is a self-educated photographer and has worked as a freelance photographer
for more than thirty years. He has got his photos published all over the world,
like China, Germany, Scandinavian countries…  in magazines as on the internet

Rafn Sig,- lives his passion of photography by traveling, and exploring
the nature of Iceland as well as other countries.

Along with running the stock photography website ,
Rafn Sig,- works on various photography projects, offers photo tours and
workshops in Iceland as you can see if you visit his travel web:

Feel free to send your request or call to book a photography tour,
or purchase images or other requests.

Rafn Sig,- can be contacted by mail at  or by phone at +354 897 2108